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High Impact Global Flavors

High impact global flavors - bright sauces, flavorful pastes, and unique oils - add interest and depth to a variety of recipes. Learn about several of our Roland® ingredients that we consider high impact global flavors.

High Impact Global Flavors

When it comes to restaurant dishes and at-home cooking, there are plenty of ways to elevate the menu. And high impact flavors, ingredients that pack a punch - whether that be salty, umami, sweet, or spicy - can be just the thing you need to take a culinary creation to the next level. We put together a collection of our high impact ingredients, which includes everything from sauces and spices to spreads and pastes. Discover our curated collection of High Impact Global Flavors here.

Read on to learn about some of these products from the collection.


Coconut Milk

Roland® Classic Coconut Milk has a vibrant coconut aroma and sweet, balanced flavor. Exquisitely smooth and creamy, it can be added to any dish for a velvety texture that cannot be matched.

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Tahini, a paste made from ground sesame seeds, has a creamy texture and nutty flavor. A celebrated ingredient in Middle Eastern cuisine, tahini is a versatile ingredient and can be used in a variety of dishes. Go traditional and incorporate it in home-made hummus, or take a modern approach and whisk it into your favorite vinaigrette.

Get the Recipe for Coconut Cream Mango Parfait with Tahini Caramel


White Miso Paste

White miso, one of the most common types of miso, has sweet overtones with a mild saltiness. It is heavily used in Japanese cuisine; however, miso is becoming a rising star in a variety of cuisines. Use Roland® White Miso Paste as an ingredient in marinades, dressings, soups, stocks and spreads.

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Gochujang is similar to miso paste with a strong umami flavor and the addition of fiery chilies. Traditionally, Gochujang is used in marinades for Korean barbecue, added to dipping sauces, or used to kick up the spice in home-style stews or soups. We recommend using Gochujang to prepare Bibimbap chili sauce to coat grilled chicken wings, to top Korean beef tacos, or to add a tangy blast of heat to just about any food.

Get the Recipe for Gochujang Bouillabaisse with Sesame Saffron Aioli



Spicy Chili Onion Crisp

Comprised of simple ingredients, Roland® Spicy Chili Onion Crisp has a savory, mild heat with a sweet finish and delectable crunch. Try tossing it with grilled shrimp, chicken wings, or roasted vegetables, or as a finishing touch to pasta, noodle bowls, and soups. This ready-to-use condiment also adds a spicy kick to bruschetta, toasts, and sandwiches.

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Organic White Truffle Oil

Our Organic White Truffle Oil is made with organic truffles sourced from a multi-generational truffle oil producer in the Italian region of Umbria. Roland® Organic White Truffle Oil is extra virgin olive oil is a mildly peppery oil infused with a subtle truffle aroma and includes pieces of organic white truffles in every bottle. It will elevate any dish and goes particularly well drizzled over risotto, pasta, soup, or roasted vegetables.


Organic Black Truffle Oil

Our Organic Black Truffle Oil is made with organic truffles sourced from a multi-generational truffle oil producer in the Italian region of Umbria. Roland® Organic Black Truffle Oil is organic extra virgin olive oil infused with an unmistakable truffle aroma and includes pieces of organic black summer truffles in every bottle. This aromatic and earthy oil will add sophistication to any dish and goes particularly well drizzled over risotto, pasta, soup, or roasted vegetables.


Anchovy Paste

Roland® Anchovy Paste is made from the finest Spanish anchovies, ground into a fine paste. The paste is a reddish-brown color, with a moderately pronounced fish flavor and a salty "bite." Discover all of our options here.


Hot Sesame Oil

Roland® Hot Sesame Oil is made from toasted, white sesame seeds and chilies. It has a dark amber color and has a nutlike flavor with distinct hot "fiery" overtones. It is used primarily as a condiment, i.e. flavoring element.


Balsamic Glazes and Vinegars

Roland® Balsamic Glaze is a product of Modena, Italy. Made from our fine quality Balsamic Vinegar, it is slowly reduced to a nicely balanced thickened sauce. Consistent in flavor, texture, and color, this glaze is a time saver for all chefs. We offer a variety of flavors and sizes.

Balsamic Vinegar was born in Italy nearly ten centuries ago. This sweet and tart vinegar is made from cooked grape must, which lends the vinegar a beautiful dark color. A tablespoon of vinegar will add an extra layer of flavor and brightness to dressings and sauces, as well as marinades and stews.

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Amarena Cherries in Syrup

Whole & Broken Amarena Cherries in Syrup are sweet and slightly sour delicacies with a beautiful dark red color. Extremely versatile, they can be used in a wide array of desirable culinary dishes. Add them to cakes and ice cream or try them in cocktails for a hint of sweetness.