Spring 2020


Following a season of hearty stews and creamy casseroles, chefs highlight their menus and refresh our taste buds with seasonal produce and vibrant flavors. While welcome, this transition can be a challenge for the chef. How can they enhance the flavors of springtime ingredients without compromising their fresh natural essence? Our recommendation is simple: update your spice cabinet. Bursting with flavor, a small amount of any high-quality spice can go a long way in elevating a dish, without overpowering it.

This spring, we’re utilizing spice blends that hail from the Eastern Mediterranean. From spicy Schug and earthy Za’atar to purple Sumac and crunchy Dukkah, these spices boast a wide array of flavors, textures, and colors that can spice up a variety of dishes, from traditional tagines to trendy grain bowls. Follow along for a tasty introduction to our top Eastern Mediterranean spice blend picks.