Coconut Cream Mango Parfait with Tahini Caramel

Difficulty: Medium | Makes: 4 Servings

Tahini infuses a nutty richness into this creamy layered dessert.


Coconut Cream

Sea Salt Tahini Caramel Sauce

Candied Black Sesame Seeds


For the Coconut Cream

  1. Refrigerate coconut milk for at least 24 hours, with the can upside down (so the side you plan to open with the can opener is on the bottom)
  2. Using a can opener to open the coconut milk. The coconut water should be at the top, due to the storage method. Pour off the water and reserve for another recipe
  3. Scoop out the coconut cream from the can and place into a mixing bowl
  4. Add powdered sugar and vanilla to the coconut cream
  5. Whip using a hand held mixer with whisk attachment. Whip until a thick whipped cream consistency is achieved
  6. Serve with chunks of mango layered, if desired

For the Sea Salt Tahini Caramel Sauce

  1. Open the coconut milk, discarding the coconut water. Measure one heaping ¼ cup measure of the coconut cream, and set aside for use in the recipe
  2. Place a small sauce pot on medium low heat, add water and sugar. Place a candy thermometer into the pot. Allow to come to a simmer
  3. Watch the pot and do not stir it. As the temperature approaches 300 degrees F watch it closely. When it his 300, you will begin to see the color change to have some light brown, and a caramelization smell
  4. At 315 degrees F, turn off the heat but leave pot on the burner. Remove the candy thermometer
  5. Swirl the sugar in the pot to see even caramel color. With a heat safe silicon spoon or spatula ready, add in the coconut cream, stirring to incorporate (it will bubble
  6. As that is combined, add in the tahini and repeat the same process
  7. Remove from heat, stir in the sea salt and vanilla
  8. Pour out into a heat safe measuring cup, allow to cool to room temperature
  9. Drizzle on this dessert or coffee

For the Candied Black Sesame Seeds

  1. Prepare a baking pan with parchment and set beside the stove
  2. Place a small pot on the stove over medium heat, add in the water, sugar and salt. Bring to a simmer
  3. Add in the sesame seeds and stir thoroughly. Continue to cook and stir until all the water has evaporated. The seeds should separate so they are no longer in clumps, you will begin seeing sugar crystals on the outside of the seeds
  4. At that time, dump the contents onto the lined baking sheet
  5. Spread the seeds out on the parchment to cool. Once cool, they can be used immediately or stored in an air tight container at room temperature

In This Recipe

Unsweetened Coconut Milk

#86002 | 13.5 FL.OZ.

Fine Crystal Sea Salt

#70806 | 26.5 OZ.

Organic Fine Tahini

#70174 | 10.93 OZ