Product Spotlight

Side Dishes

Side dishes can be a vehicle for sneaking additional vegetables or introducing global flavors. We recommend sides with a heartier base to maintain quality while sitting out.

Roland® Pad Thai Rice Stick Noodles

Naturally gluten-free, they are a key ingredient of the ever-popular “Pad Thai” dish, where they act as a blank canvas for a spicy and nutty mix of bean sprouts, peanuts, and scallions

Additional Applications

Pad Thai, peanut noodles, summer rolls


Roland® Hearts of Palm

Hearts of palm, the prized edible hearts of young palm trees, have a mild, delicate flavor and sleek layered texture similar to asparagus and artichokes. Try them in salads and grain bowls for an extra bit of crunch.

Additional Applications

Mock “lobster” salad, antipasti board, wrapped with prosciutto


Roland® Black Lentils

Lentils, a staple food throughout much of the Middle East and India, have a mild taste and pleasing texture. Once soaked for an hour, lentils require very little time on the stove top. The beautiful dark color of Roland® Black Lentils will result in visually striking dishes.

Additional Applications

Cold bean salad, baked bbq lentils,vegetarian sloppy joe