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Quick vs Overnight Marinade

Marinating helps tenderize and accentuate flavor profiles. Depending on the food, we recommend a quick (seafood, veggies, fruit) or an overnight marinade (lamb, beef, pork, and poultry).

Roland® Unseasoned Rice Wine Vinegar

Rice wine vinegar finds its origin in Japanese and Chinese cuisine and offers a mellower taste than vinegars typically used in Europe. Roland® Rice Wine Vinegar has a bright, tart flavor and shines in any dish when combined with sesame seed oil or various citrus flavors.

Additional Applications

Salad dressings, pickling veggies, and slaws


Roland® Oyster Sauce

Sweet, salty, rich, and umami sauce made from oyster extracts.

Additional Applications

Noodles, veggie sides, bbq sauce


Roland® Fish Sauce

Sweet, salty, briny, and pungent sauce prepared from fermented anchovies.

Additional Applications

Pasta, yogurt dips, salsas


Roland® Chipotle Peppers in Adobo Sauce

Spicy and smoky peppers in a sweet and tangy tomato-based sauce.

Additional Applications

Bean sides, taco topper, hot sauce

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