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Glazes & Dunking Sauces

Glazes and dunking sauces add yet just another layer of flavor and texture to grilled items. Apply glazes during the last few minutes of cooking to avoid any risk of burning.

Roland® Major Grey’s Mango Chutney

Succulent blend of sweet mangoes, red bell peppers, golden raisins, and zesty spices.

Additional Applications

Cheese board, sandwich spread, chicken salad


Roland® Sweet Chili Sauce

Sweet, sour chili sauce condiment with a spicy kick.

Additional Applications

Sweet chili mayo, wing coating, crudité


Roland® Tahini

Nutty, savory, and creamy paste made from sesame seeds.

Additional Applications

Hummus, pasta salad, brownies


Roland® Sriracha

Spicy, tangy, sweet, and garlicky sauce made with red chili and garlic.

Additional Applications

Snack mix, caramelized bacon, deviled eggs

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