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May 2023


A Message from Our CEO

To our customers,

As we approach the middle of spring, we continue to see improvements in key categories and look forward to what the summer months will bring. Although the market has yet to fully recover from supply chain uncertainties, our proactive decision-making and dedicated employees have kept us on track.

Following a few tough seasons, the black raspberry crop is finally recovering, bringing good news for melba sauce. As discussed in previous editions, Dijon mustard has been challenged after a near disastrous harvest in 2021. The 2022 mustard seed harvest was much more favorable, and we are finally beginning to see the replenishment of mustard stocks in our warehouses.

In global logistics, as predicted, containerized import levels continue to rise and are averaging slightly above those of 2019. New sailing vessel capacities are outweighing the anticipated international trade growth, which is predicted to reduce the number of future sailings. This, along with the residual effects of west coast port disruptions and reduced imports from China, are all contributing factors to delays in international transit.

Below are Roland Foods’ recent business strategies that have been crucial in staying ahead of the curve:

1. Strategic Crop Sourcing – Crop conditions and availabilities are constantly changing across our portfolio. Roland Foods’ procurement team is persistently monitoring these situations and working diligently to recover categories that were impacted over the past year.

2. Fast Acting Transportation Network – Various external factors, both new and residual, continue to challenge the global supply chain. However, Roland Foods' flexible and responsive transportation network continues to adapt to these challenges to keep business moving.

To stay abreast of the most up-to-date and in-depth details regarding supply chain, freight, and crop updates, please read our Market Updates provided below. We look forward to helping you make 2023 a highly successful year. As always, thank you for your business.


Keith Dougherty

CEO of Roland Foods

Industry Updates

May 01, 2023 | Industry News

May 2023 Regional Market Report News

Global supply chain transitions, crop updates for melba sauce, Dijon mustard, and, roasted red peppers.